Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Random Nonsense

No. This post is not about Rakhi Sawant.

A recent category included in the famous Quizup challenge got me thinking about the importance of random nonsense in our lives. Please do not read random nonsense as just another term, it's almost a way of living. Random nonsense is a serious entity and therefore to avoid the fear of taking random nonsense casually, I will write it in capital letters from here. Like this - Random Nonsense. 

If some of you are still wondering what is Random Nonsense all about - Random Nonsense is the art of using your words, verbal or written, in a manner that they just don't make any sense. Any sense being made of out of the words is considered "sense" and mind you, "sense" is just not "Nonsense".

Random Nonsense is an art. Not everyone can do it. Not everyone can understand it. It's something of its own, an institution in itself. Just like marriage. Marriage is actually the closest analogy to Random Nonsense, after Uday Chopra. 

Random Nonsense can normally be read on not so random places. You can hear it in the silent cubicles of busy offices, people put them up on their FB walls, blogs and sometimes even on their resumes. Chetan Bhagat has even written books using it. Abbas-Mustan make movies out of it. This is what Uday Chopra's career has been! Unfortunately, I don't have any examples from the other extreme.

The veterans of Random Nonsense are usually inexperienced youngsters and sometimes over-experienced adults. This is the best thing about Random Nonsense, it exists only in extremities. In the minds of the smart and in the actions of the dumb. On the walls of public washrooms of bus-stands and in the rule-books of multi-million turn-over organizations.

However, our nation still has to accept it in full. Right from the first "R" to the last "e". There is no coaching available for it, no books written on it (of course many books are written using it as I mentioned). It can just be inculcated by rigorous practice and of course by having role-models like CB and UC. But more than that - it's just Practice. Practice. Practice makes nonsense, Random Nonsense. 

Thank you for reading this!


  1. From the public Restrooms to the rule books of organisations!
    Use of some great punch lines contributing to some more of random nonsense to the world ;)

  2. *** Chetan Bhagat has even written books using it. *** This is the sentence that makes most sense.
    So, we can also say that many can even correlate with Random Nonsense.

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