Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Great Indian Epic - Blog

Dear Readers (this refers to the empathetic few who take out time and suffer the pain to read me)

As you must have realized, I haven't posted on this blog much in the past few days. Some of you have been thinking that I have found the love of my life and I am busy spending time with her; some of you thought that I was ill and some of you even thought that I was busy with work. (blah!)

With deep concern towards your feelings and curiosity, I wish to inform you that nothing of that sort happened. I had just shifted my online time to something little different from blogging. That is blogging. After this blog on blogspot, I have also started a new blog on wordpress. It won't surprise you, if you know me even a little, that this blog is entirely dedicated to The Great Indian Epic - Mahabharata and the tales associated with it. The purpose is to gather the wider tales and dimensions of this Epic in a single place that is free for all to access. For more details, please visit the blog here.

This doesn't mean that I will not post any articles here. I will continue to post my random thoughts and useless ideas on this blog, hoping to waste your idle time as much as I can. Even the analysis and observations from the mythology would be continued here. The NEW blog is only a compilation of the stories and tales and its articles will be linked to the posts here off and on. But it will also be complete in its own way if you totally want to follow only that blog.

You can follow it by entering your e-mail address and receive the posts directly into your inbox. Share the link shamelessly with your friends and foes and last but not the least, comment wherever you find appropriate. To save your fingers the excessive strain of scrolling back, I share the link to The Great Indian Epic blog once more.

Happy Reading!

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